Steel Sales

Our steel products include: Power Poles, Pipe, RHS, ERW tube, merchant bar, universal beams, sheet and plate in almost any size and length for use in construction, fencing and manufacturing.

Pipe (CHS):

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS):

Merchant Bar:

Plate & Sheet:

We stock an extensive range of sheet and plate metal products in a variety of sizes and thicknesses

Building Steel:

For purlins, roofing, reinforcing and lintels in all sizes and lengths

Power Poles

Our power poles are made of the quality galvanised steel ready to be fitted and installed. They come in a range of sizes including:

90nb Galvanised 101.6x4.0 6.50M
100nb Galvanised 114.3x4.5 6.50M
125nb Galvanised 139.7x5.0 6.50M
150nb Galvanised 165.1x5.0 6.50M